From 1st June 2019 all new tenancies are subject to the ‘Tenant Fee Ban’ (Tenants Fees Act 2019) and as such no fees, other than ‘Permitted Payments’ will be charged to tenants.

Prior to applying for a property, a tenant may be pre-qualified either in person or via our online portal. Subject to successful pre-qualification, an application form will be issued. Properties remain available until a ‘Holding Deposit’ of one week’s rent has been paid, at which time the property will be removed from the market. On completion of the application form, please provide photographic identification (driving licence or passport) and proof of existing address.

The ‘Holding Deposit’ will be deducted from the move in monies associated with the tenancy, however, should the tenant provide false or mis-leading information, fail the ‘Right to Rent’ check, withdraw from the application or fail to take all reasonable steps to meet the ‘deadline for the agreement’ which is no more than 15 days from reservation, unless agreed by all parties then this ‘Holding Deposit’ will be retained to cover costs.

The submission of an application form doesn’t guarantee the property; this will be subject to satisfactory references and Landlord approval.

Payments must be made via our online platform or bank transfer. Personal cheques are not accepted. All future rental payments must be made by Standing Order.

In order to be considered for a property a tenant needs to be showing an income of 2.5 times more and a Guarantor 3 times more than the annual rental of the property.

For example: £500pcm – Tenants income = £15,000 Guarantors income = £18,000

We are able to consider tenants who wish to pay 6 months’ or 12 months’ rent in advance (the tenancy term), on condition that they pay a further 6 months’ in advance in month 4 or for 12 months’ in month 10 or alternatively can supply a guarantor who is able to financially support the tenancy term thereafter. The ‘Tenancy Deposit’ is a maximum of 5 weeks rent and will be paid via our online platform.

A ‘Deposit Replacement Scheme’ is available for those not wishing to pay the deposit in advance. However, this will be subject to an annual renewal. Full details are available by contacting the agents on 01476 576688.

The Tenant/s are required to pay a month’s rent in advance prior to the day of move in via our online platform or via Bank Transfer (the bank details for which are contained within the tenancy agreement). Future rents are paid every calendar month on the anniversary date of the move in and the Tenants will be required to fill in a Standing Order Mandate on the day of move in. The rental payment date cannot be changed once the tenants have moved into the property. Any standing orders not honoured will be subject to charges as laid out in the tenancy agreement as ‘Permitted Payments’.

For properties that allow pets the rent will be advertised at a slightly higher figure for the duration of the Tenancy.

Any agreed variation, novation or assignment of the tenancy agreement is charged at an amount of £50 + vat (subject to all reasonable costs as laid out as a Permitted Payment).

A tenant may terminate their tenancy early, by agreement with all parties subject to any associated costs (within the limits of Permitted Payments) being agreed prior to termination.

All corporate/company lettings are subject to a £350 + Vat Application Fee & £149 + Vat Tenancy Fee – For full details contact the Agents.

For all additional queries please call 01476 576688 or visit our website and use the 24/7 Live Chat function